Tower Fans Review

Tower fans review tells the facts you need to know

These electronic fans are an effective method for cooling your room. The benefits are many, simple installation and they are easy to operate, some models even have a remote control. Like most type of fans, these are good by themselves if you are in a mild climate or they can be used in conjunction with your air conditioner to make them more energy efficient. Fans make your air conditioners more efficient by allowing you to set the thermostat to a higher setting while still maintaining a comfortable environment and lowering your electric bill at the same time.

What kind of tower fan do you need?

It is wise to study what your needs are before you buy your tower fan. There are so many types to choose from depending on your household needs you will want to compare the brand and size of fan that will match your needs.Below is a list of features you might expect to see with the models today. Use this information to decide what tower fan you might want to buy. Your first concern should be eye appeal and how much space the unit will take up. You want to make sure that the tower fan is the right choice since you also may be better with a ceiling fan or pedestal fan. If space is a concern then you would probably lean toward a ceiling fan since they are up and out of the way. The next fan to consider if space is a issue is the wall mount fan since they too are off the floor and could be a option if the ceiling fan is not possible. The good thing is that the tower fans come in such a wide selection of sizes that your sure to match one to your office or home decor. Some people confuse the pedestal fan with the tower fans because they both stand on the ground, but the truth is the tower fans are slimmer and taller fans.

Tower Fans Features

Since there are so many features to the tower fans it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. Common features to look for are:

  •  Height and width: Tower fans come in all shapes and sizes. The base of the tower fan could be anywhere from 12 inches to 36 inches. The tower fan heights vary depending on the brand. Match the size to your room or office.
  •  Material: Some fans are made of all plastic. Check the structure and integrity of the fan before purchase. Of course if your fan is all medal it will be sturdy but weight will become a factor. If the fan is all plastic the base may be weak.
  •  Installation: Almost all tower fans come pre-assembled. Unless you get on that has a remote control unit or a option to mount it on the wall. If there are any missing parts contact the manufacture for replacement right away. If your tower fan doubles as a wall fan, pay attention to where the switch will be. On the top of the fan could mean trouble unless of course it comes with a remote unit. The other problem if it is a wall mount unit you may find the power cord to not be long enough so you will want to take this into consideration if you are purchasing this fan for this feature. Sometimes you can just use an extension cord for short power cords, but you will want to make sure you fan can use an extension cord, some will over heat the motor if a extension cord is used.
  •  Noise: Every fan has a certain sound. Multiple speed fans may be perfect at slow speed but give a roar at a higher speed.
  •  Timer: A timer on your fan can be handy. The newer models have them standard, but you want to make sure it can handle the times you need if you are purchasing for this feature. Some fans have digital timers why other are set by a dial or slider. Other fans just come with a preset of hourly increments.
  •  Ionizer: Having an ionizer is a great benefit. This is becoming a recommended feature because of its ability to neutralize room smells and clean the air. Make sure the ionizer can be turned off if you do not require its use.
  •  Remote control: Fans with remote give you hands free control. Just like to television you will not have to get off the couch or from your desk if your tower fans comes with a remote.
  •  Appearance: Your fans come in many shapes sizes and colors. Tower fans give you more flexibility to match the fan to your decor.
  •  Customer Service: You would be wise to check on the internet if there are any negative posting about the company that makes the fan and you should see if people are having problems getting their fan serviced or getting a replacement part.

After going through the list probably the biggest deciding factor for purchasing your fan is going to be the cost of the fan. Bottom line is the more features and better quality fan you want the more your cost will go up.

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