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Tower fan Heaters - The Perfect Portable Heater

There are many reason to consider a tower fan heater also referred to as a table-top  heater, space heater or any smaller portable type heater will fit in this category.   The tower fan models usually are tall and slender providing an esthetic look to any room.  With that said there are many shapes and sizes to choose from as your choice will ultimately be on what fits your budget, size room and your heating situation.  This review will be a general review geared towards the tower fan heaters on the market.  Singling out merely one or two types are purposefully avoided so the reader may make an informed decision on which direction to go.  With winter coming on strong it's important to make the right decision now so you do not find yourself freezing in the middle of the night only because the heater you picked is the wrong one for you and your home.  The types of heaters that are made in the portable size vary and below are the popular ones to consider.

  • Ceramic Space Heater
  • Oil Filled Radiators
  • Coil-Based Convection Heaters
  • Infrared Quartz Heaters

Of these types of heaters, the tower fan heaters are considered to be a ceramic or coil based heater

These heaters are a very efficient heater that will not break the bank when it comes to pricing.  Most of them work by heating a coil and using a fan to blow the air over the heated coil.  That is at its simplest terms.  Depending on the price and model, there are many different features that come with these units.  When picking a tower fan for heating your room you do not want to decide only by price.  With that said, just because a unit may be priced high and list many features, you will not be guaranteed that it is the perfect one.  It is recommended that you refer to Amazon or any other big online store that allows the consumer to write actual reviews on their purchase.

Tower fan Heater Pros -What many are saying about these units

  • Cost effective Tower fans the most for your money
  • It comes in a variety of sizes so you are sure to find just the right one for your needs
  • Esthetically designed with many units nice enough to be matched with your home's furniture
  • Most units come with a remote feature - no need to get out of bed on a cold night
  • These types of heaters are small yet powerful enough to heat a good size room
  • Many units have a built-in safety feature to shut off if knocked over or ran into
  • Designed for small children - outside housings do not get hot to the touch
  • Energy efficient when used properly

Tower fan Heater Cons- The truth before you spend your money on one


  • Some models are poorly constructed - Usually this is directly related to the price, but no always is the case
  • Certain models are prone to easily falling over or knocked over - with that said if you pick the right one for your room you will be ok
  • Some models can be a bit on the noisy side due to the fan motor
  • It requires better ventilation or space for proper airflow as compare to a non fan type heater

Although we have listed general pro's and con's for the tower fan heaters, we have found that this accurately generalizes the good and bad for you.   There are always little nuances that will be specific to your device, just because each piece of equipment is not exactly like the other.  It is recommended that you get the following information before shopping for your unit.

  1. Measure the size of your room by getting the length and the width of the room and multiply them together, so a 6 by 9-foot  room would be 54 sq feet.
  2.  it's a good idea to make sure the room in question is properly wired for the heater's rating to wattage demand, since a space heater, portable heater or tower heater pulls a lot of wattage.

I was forced to have the breaker to my bathroom changed because the heater I was using kept tripping the breaker if I turned it to a higher setting.    Of course this resulted in an extra cost since I needed an electrician, but it pays to be safe and make sure the room can  handle your unit.

Lastly, many of the newer tower fans have a lot of features, simply get the one that fulfills your needs, no need to get an expensive model only because it has 25 features, and a shinny display if you just need it to provide twenty minutes of warmth in the bathroom when you get ready for work.  ( match the heater fan to your needs )

Based on our research some recommended brands to look at are: Check out my individual reviews on the Lasko, Holmes, Honeywell, and Vornado heaters by clicking their respective names or just click here.

Also on each page of the site I provide a search feature in case you haven't found what you're looking for.

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An informed decision more times than not lend itself to a happy experience when you finally make your purchase.  It is our wishes that you find the information you need in order to make an educated decision.

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